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We live in a world of wonder, only if we know it andfind it. With Ventura's latest partnership with Latho, Italy, stylish designs coupled with quality European production offers breathtakingly alive surfaces evoking wonder from all.

Move is a panel produced by applying either natural wood or reconstituted Alpi veneers mostly to MDF substrates. Any veneer of a natural wood species can be used to customer specification. Through particular techniques, surfaces are embossed in order to obtain many different deep textures.

Move is the answer for your exotic home, with a wide collection of dynamic & flowing surfaces including Ebony, Wenge, Walnut and Classic Black. They add a breathtaking natural and vibrant tactile look to your interiors.

Move has found its presence in wall paneling, wardrobe shutters, doors, furniture elements, in residences, corporate offices, multiplexes, hospitality industry and retail design to name a few.


In the past marquetry, insertion and carvings adorned furniture and interior woodworking surfaces. Today it is the smooth, geometric form which is desired, and understood as a final solution of timeless beauty.

Our approach - the search for the modern ornament. Open your mind to the limitless enigmatic and imaginative design options of Ventura INTERART architectural panels produced exclusively by partners VD Werkstatten, Germany.

Interart is a range of exquisitely created panels, veneered in real Oak, Wenge and Walnut as well as in Classic Black and White finishes. The panels are intricately detailed with life like real timber surfaces created through a patented high pressure embossing process.

Veneers are then perfectly pressed over the open grain surfaces, to bring the living texture of wood into your interior applications. Inspired by the distinctive structures of natural and man-made textures, they are constantly striving to create unique surfaces that transform the cold, smooth shape and structure of interior surfaces.

The geometry of moving water represents to us an example of how to visually represent the dynamics of nature in interpretive form. Flowing, dynamic shapes give the interior landscape a straight-edge-consuming complexity and elegance, as it is only found in nature.

The depth of these structures creates a distinctive and unique play of light and shadow and an unmatched blend of look and feel. Abstraction and reduced aesthetics are important, but they generate an unparalleled sculptural presence. The permanent communication with renowned designers and architects challenges, encourages and allows us to respond immediately to new trends.