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NEOLITH is the largest high-tech porcelain slab ever produced. It offers the most efficient solutions for the most demanding architectural projects, as well as an extensive combination of colors and finishes, making it a designer product that can be used in numerous applications for interiors, exteriors and furnishings. This state-of-the-art material defines the future of the construction industry products, and combines functionality and beauty.

NEOLITH is the natural choice because it emerged from the evolution of treatment processes of construction materials. NEOLITH combines the finest raw materials with the most advanced industrial technology. NEOLITH is 100% eco-friendly, using natural materials and technologies that respect the environment. NEOLITH obtains its colors from 100% natural pigments that withstand the passage of time.NEOLITH is entirely made up of natural clays, feldspar, silica and mineral oxides.

NEOLITH IS LIGHTWEIGHT.The thickness of the ceramic sheets facilitates transportation and handling, reducing the load factor on the cladding.

NEOLITH IS WATERPROOF. Waterproof and resistant to liquids, with an absorption level of almost zero.

NEOLITH IS EASY TO CLEAN. Resistant to any kind of chemical cleaning agent such as bleach or ammonia.

NEOLITH IS HYGIENIC. It does not give off any harmful substances and is totally suitable for contact with

NEOLITH IS RESISTANT TO HIGH TEMPERATURES. It does not burn in contact with fire nor does it emit smoke or toxic substances when subjected to high temperatures.

NEOLITH IS RESISTANT TO WEAR AND TEAR. Its hard surface makes it resistant to scratches and abrasion.

NEOLITH IS RESISTANT TO BENDING. It has a high shear rate, making it resistant to heavy loads and pressure.

NEOLITH IS ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY. Composed entirely of natural materials, it does not give off any substances that are harmful to the environment and is completely recyclable.

NEOLITH PROVIDES: Water absorption near to zero. Easy to clean. Fewer joints due to slabs large surface. Thanks to its reduced thickness, it can be used for furniture covering, particularly in kitchens, obtaining the desired combination with the countertop, floor, walls, etc.

The size of our slabs makes NEOLITH the perfect solution for large surfaces, with fewer joints and excellent mechanical properties. Easy to transport, handle and install. Resistant to bending, wear and tear.100% resistant to fire and high temperatures without giving off any toxic fumes.

One of NEOLITH's main uses is for ventilated facades and curtain wall applications thanks to its lightness, resistance to atmospheric agents, color resistance with no pigment deterioration, and its large dimensions, which facilitate rapid coverage of the whole surface area.

Excellent durability and resistance to scratches makes Neolith the prefect flooring for heavy transit areas. Ideal for elevated floors due to the product's lightness. NEOLITH's versatility and adaptability to any kind of surface offers considerable time and cost savings regarding installation

NEOLITH addresses both functional and aesthetic needs. Large surface areas covered in resistant, easy-to-clean materials are ideal for aseptic environments. As the laminate slabs are so quick to install, it is the ideal material to use in large projects and building sites in which execution time is a determining factor, such as tunnels and vaults.

NEOLITH is available in a wide range of colors that originate from the pigmentation of the raw materials involved in the process, guaranteeing color stability over time without any pigment deterioration.

THICKNESSES AND APPLICATIONS NEOLITH comes in slabs of 3 or 5 mm thick, as well as offering various multi-layer laminate options of 3+3, 5+3, 5+5 and 3+3+3 mm. The Size complies with every European environmental safety standard. The product has been designed and manufactured in accordance with sustainability criteria and a commitment to the environment and society.

The Size guarantees that the production and lifecycle of its products has the minimum possible impact on the environment, using the cleanest processes and technology to ensure that any waste or emissions generated during the manufacture of the material are kept to an absolute minimum. Any waste from the manufacturing process is properly identified and separated. It doesn't emit toxic fumes because it consists of 100% natural materials.




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